Mobile LNG,

The New Energy Future

Mobile LNG is an Australian company dedicated to providing  remote industries and communities with the opportunity and advantages of using Australia’s own Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), as a substitute to the continued use of expensive, imported diesel fuels.

The use of Australia’s own LNG as a substitute to imported diesel fuel has many ongoing benefits to the national economy and to Australia’s international competitiveness.

Mobile LNG delivers the advantages of a natural gas supply to remote industries and communities through the use of its customer focussed “virtual gas pipeline ®” comprised of regionally based LNG production facilities serviced by a multi-modal distribution system, capable of making deliveries in quantities especially suited to the needs of individual customers and their remote locations..

The distribution and use of natural gas supplied by MLNG in this manner, seeks to provide these industries and customers the advantages over continuing to use diesel fuel use by offering:

  • Fuel cost reductions of between 25 to 40%;
  • Greenhouse gas reductions of between 25 to 40%;
  • The introduction and development of New technologies;
  • The creation of new and sustainable employment opportunities;
  • The opportunity to remain internationally competitive with emerging trends and market needs.


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Mobile LNG’s virtual gas pipeline® is used to overcome the upfront capital costs, time delays, and difficulties associated with securing the land needs for a physical pipeline. It is an expedient and efficient supply technique to resolve the needs of isolated and remote areas, and to provide to them the economic advantages of LNG use.

MLNG’s virtual gas pipelines® are highly flexible and responsive to customer needs both in the quantities supplied as well as in tailoring the mode of delivery to best suit the needs of respective industries and communities


The Australian Government has recognised MLNG’s projects as being of national significance for the contribution they will make to Australia’s competitiveness, productivity and growth. The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, granted the projects “Major Project Facilitation (MPF)” status and wrote to all “relevant Commonwealth Ministers, the Premiers of South Australia and Western Australia and the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, informing them of the decision” and “requested their active cooperation and assistance” for the projects.

MLNG’s virtual gas pipeline® and domestic LNG production hubs will deliver significant economic and environmental benefits to Australian Industry.
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In the delivery of virtual gas pipelines across Australia, MLNG will initially establish four regional LNG production hubs in Darwin NT, Adelaide SA, Port Hedland WA and Kalgoorlie WA.

These four hubs will cumulatively involve a $1 billion investment in Australia’s economic future, and are forecast to:

  • Create 4,000 new regional employment positions;
  • Reduce regional fuel costs by approximately $330 million per annum;
  • Reduce Australia’s need to import diesel fuel by $636 million per annum; and,
  • Reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 500,000 tonnes per annum.

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