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About Mobile LNG

Mobile LNG Pty Ltd (MLNG) is a bespoke shareholder and management team with extensive global experience across the complete gas supply chain, specialising in the mining and resources sectors, the needs of the transportation industry (road, rail and shipping respectively) and in power generation for regional areas.

MLNG has the skills and experience to deliver major capital works projects safely and reliably.

As a proudly Australian company, MLNG is dedicated to ensuring the Australian economy makes better use of Australia’s own natural gas resources through the wider utilisation of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a replacement fuel for the need to continue to import and use expensive, diesel oils.

MLNG is motivated by its industry knowledge and expertise and the experience that already other nations are deriving the benefits that LNG use can bring to their power generation industries and to their entire rail, road and shipping transportation sectors. Often these benefits are provided by LNG sourced from Australia’s own LNG export programs, while Australia continues to import record levels of expensive diesel fuel for its energy needs

For the past three years, MLNG has conducted research into opportunities for the rapid introduction of LNG based technologies that will benefit the Australian economy. To assist in the timely availability of LNG and natural gas to remote communities and industries such as the mining sector, MLNG devised an integrated, regionally-based LNG production and supply strategy that includes a phased expansion into different sectors of the regional economy.

Known and registered by MLNG as the “virtual gas pipeline®”, this flexible supply and multi-modal distribution system can involve many integrated elements such as various sizes of regional LNG production facilities, and a responsive distribution system capable of deliveries to users by road, rail or sea based transport in quantities and modes that best suit their individual requirements.

LNG supplied in this manner will be significantly cleaner and cheaper than existing diesel fuel use, and it is envisaged these savings will generate regional development and growth, through improving the cost competitiveness of Australia’s mining exports, improving Australia’s environmental performance and increasing the nation’s energy security.

MLNG continues to conduct analysis and research of world’s best practices and into associated technological advances in the production, supply and distribution of liquefied natural gas in order to develop ways to increase its availability for wider use as a substitute for imported and expensive diesel fuels.


MLNG has the following goals:

  • Assisting the mining and export industries to achieve a competitive advantage through the use of a domestic resource that will reduce its production and supply costs;
  • Providing the foundation for a long-term safe, clean energy alternative to diesel fuel throughout Australia, particularly in all aspects of the mining and transport industries;
  • Implementing projects and case studies to demonstrate the benefits of LNG fuel use for wider application throughout Australia, and to encourage its adoption in other Australian regions and in other industries, such as agriculture; and,
  • Assisting in improved air quality outcomes from industry through the reduction of pollutants, particularly CO2 from the consumption of fossil fuels.

In the execution of these goals and with the mining industry typically being in remote and regional areas of Australia, MLNG has the additional objectives of:

  • Undertaking each project with the maximum amount of community consultation practicable, to facilitate the optimum flow of benefits,  flow of information, support and ownership to the local community; and,
  • Providing new and flow on employment opportunities to the local community and environs of each project, from both the level of expenditure during construction and implementation of projects, and from the economics achieved from the introduction of new technologies and techniques.


International demands are driving the economic and environmental need for change and a new way of thinking in energy use and supply in our economy.

Anywhere diesel fuel is still being used by industry there are immediate opportunities to reduce costs and to gain production efficiencies by replacing diesel use with Australia’s own LNG as superior fuel choice.

LNG use provides a superior alternative to diesel fuel in efficiency, emissions control, cost effectiveness, work place safety, regional development opportunities, national fuel security issues and in future proofing Australia’s education, training and employment directions for the new era of energy use sweeping the globe.


Virtual Gas Pipeline Video

Click here to begin a 3 minute video that provides a summary overview of Mobile LNG’s approach to Australia’s energy needs.

Leadership Team & Profiles

Datuk Dr Peter Wentworth OBE Chairman
Andrew White Founder & Managing Director
Christopher French Technical Operations Director
Steven Critchison Manager Commercial
Douglas Walker Director
Stephen Skea Founder & Director
Anthony Considine Board Advisor – Strategy


peter-wentworthDATUK Dr Peter Wentworth OBE – Deputy Chairman (View Extended Profile)

  • Deputy Chairman of Mobile LNG Australia, Chairman of Weir Minerals Malaysia and a Senior Partner in CEO Solutions, Chairman of the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce for 5 years.
  • Over 35 years with British Petroleum Plc (BP), including 10 years as CEO of BP’s operations in Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines with a track record of success in the oil & gas industry.
  • Recognised by both the British Government (Order of the British Empire: OBE) and the Malaysian Government (Datukship).
andrew-whiteMr Andrew White – Founder & Managing Director (View Extended Profile)

  • Over 35 years’ experience in the Heavy Engineering and Construction industry including LNG, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Minerals Processing, Materials Handling, Power, Utilities and Infrastructure sectors across five continents.
  • 6 years as Managing Director of Modern Industries Holdings mid-tier construction and maintenance group with operations in Australia and SE Asia. The operations were recently sold to a major European organisation.
  • Co-Founder & Managing Director of Mobile LNG Pty Ltd, established to promote the “Virtual Gas Pipeline”, a supply chain solution enabling the use of LNG for power generation and fuel for mine haul vehicles and road, rail and marine transport generally in remote areas as a clean, safe alternative to diesel.

christopher-frenchMr Christopher French – Technical Operations Director (View Extended Profile)

  • Chris is a leading gas industry executive with over 35 years’ experience in design and management of process and operations of gas production facilities.
  • In 1987 he joined Wesfarmers LPG as part of the Project Team responsible for construction and commissioning of the LPG Extraction and Fractionation Plant at Kwinana, designed to process 320 Terajoules per day of natural gas, producing 150,000 tonnes per year of LPG.
  • Was the General Manager of Wesfarmers LPG Pty Ltd responsible for all aspects of operations, maintenance and management of the Kwinana LPG plant.
  • Served as Director of Wesfarmers LPG Pty Ltd and Wesfarmers Kleenheat Gas.

stephen-chritchisonMr Steven Critchison – Manager Commercial (View Extended Profile)

  • An accounting professional with over 20 years’ experience in the downstream domestic gas industry, mainly within the Kleenheat Gas business in the areas of Finance & Administration, Operations & Logistics, Sales, and Business Development.
  • He had specific responsibilities for corporate planning, compliance, management accounting, board reporting, business analysis, credit control, and a call centre based customer service team.
  • Formerly the Accounting Manager for the Wesfarmers Energy division, with day to day responsibility for the production of financial and management accounts, tax returns and audits for the various business units within the division.
  • From 2010 to 2013 Steven worked for Clean Energy Fuels Australia which provides advisory services on LNG, CNG and LPG to mining and industrial companies, gas suppliers and government organisations, as well as operating its own domestic Victorian based LNG distribution business
doug-walkerMr Douglas Walker – Director (View Extended Profile)

  • Over 35 years in industries of electrical mechanics and power generation, with the Herald Sun, PNG Electricity utility, ELCOM and CRA.
  • Responsible for developing over 55 gas and diesel fuelled power stations and related energy infrastructure projects primarily within the Oil & Gas and mining/resources sector throughout Australia, the Asia Pacific rim and in West Africa.
  • Founder of Statewest power, which he developed and sold to Wesfarmers Energy.
  • Co-founder, Chairman & Managing Director of Zenith Energy Pty. Ltd. and Zenith Pacific Pty. Ltd.
steve skeaMr Steve Skea – Founder & Director (View Extended Profile)

  • Over 40 years’ experience in corporate management and business development focused on the industrial manufacturing, construction and maintenance services in the resources sector.
  • Responsible for projects in the North Sea, Europe, The Middle East and North Africa and South Africa, where he has been responsible for running workforces in excess of 1,800 people.
  • International director of RJ Southey for 5 years, a South African owned business he extended to Singapore and Malaysia, servicing the Oil, gas and LNG industry and projects in the region.

anthony-considineMr Anthony  Considine – Board Advisor – Strategy (View Extended Profile)

  • Distinguished global career with BP in leading roles including Executive Vice President for TNK-BP JV based in Moscow (25,000 people, US$5b EBITDA).
  • CEO for North West Infrastructure based in Perth.
  • Extensive experience in developing third party relationships, negotiation of JV’s, the development and execution of strategy, the delivery of large scale M&A transactions along with the management of reputational issues with external stakeholders and in managing international post-merger integration and leading the implementation of corporate governance frameworks in complex environments.