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Mobile LNG is currently planning projects in several regional areas of Australia, with projects now formally announced in the regional centres in WA of Port Hedland and Kalgoorlie, and in the outer metropolitan areas of Darwin NT and Adelaide SA.

Our website and newsletters will continue to be updated to include the latest information and news from those projects, and of advances in MLNG’s virtual gas pipelines® across Australia. Australia and Australian industries are on the threshold of some unique opportunities that the use of Australian gas and liquefied natural gas will bring towards reducing their fuel operating costs and in their reduction of greenhouse gas related emissions.

Mobile LNG is proud to be assisting Australia to make the change from diesel fuel use and into the modern efficiencies of LNG use, and in the benefits it will bring to the economy andenvironment, and the future of our children.

To assist our endeavours to do this, we welcome and encourage your comments and support.

Our contact details are:

Mobile LNG Pty Ltd
ACN 142 886 600
24 Brennan Way Belmont
Western Australia 6104

Ph.: +61 419 489 582


Andrew White – Managing Director

0419 489 582

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