Mobile LNG Experience

Mobile LNG has a bespoke shareholder and management team with global experience extending across the complete LNG supply chain, in particular:

  • Gas Management;
  • LNG Production;
  • LNG Distribution & Storage;
  • Re-gasification & Refuelling;
  • Power Generation;
  • Engineering;
  • Construction and Project Management; and,
  • Community Consultation.

Mobile LNG has the skills and experience to deliver outcomes safely and reliably. We welcome enquiries to enhance opportunities for companies and industry sectors to participate in deriving the benefits of using LNG fuel and technology.

Mobile LNG Assisting the Transition

Mobile LNG provides Customer Assistance for:

  • Technical evaluations to replace diesel with LNG use for;
    • Power Generation,
    • Transportation, and,
    • Heavy Equipment use.
  • The Process of Change and Needs evaluation for;
    • LNG vs Diesel consumption estimates,
    • Safety and Environment Management assistance,
    • LNG Fuel cost saving estimates,
    • LNG Conversion assistance,
    • LNG / Gas technology assistance, and,
    • Power Generation assessments and reviews.

For details on how Mobile LNG can assist your company or community to participate in the transition from diesel fuel use and into the improved economics and performance delivered by using Australian LNG and natural gas as superior fuel alternatives, please contact:

Mobile LNG Pty Ltd
ACN 142 886 600
24 Brennan Way Belmont
Western Australia 6104

Ph.: +61 419 489 582


Andrew White – Managing Director
Mob: 0419 489 582