Virtual Gas Pipeline across Australia

April 16th, 2014 by

MLNG is planning to build a $1 billion Virtual Gas Pipeline across four LNG hubs in Australia. Each hub will facilitate LNG production, distribution, refuelling and regasification facilities.

MLNG’s project will create in Australia 1500 direct jobs during the construction phase and approximately 4000 direct and indirect jobs in ongoing operations, with particular emphasis to regional areas.

Analysis and projections have shown that by producing LNG in the manner proposed and by supplying LNG in the virtual pipelines model, collectively, these four hubs will achieve the following economic benefits:

  • Deliver annual fuel costs savings of $330 million to the community;
  • Saving the need to import around $636 million per annum of diesel fuel;
  • Increasing Australia’s export potential by reducing production costs;
  • Eliminate approximately 500,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum;
  • Provide the infrastructure and platform for the Transport Industry [heavy haulage trucks, rail, and marine] and Mining Industry [mine haulage vehicles, remote power generation] to move to the economic and environmental benefits of using Australia’s own fuel.